OpsLog – TBL – 3/11/2024

OpsLog – TBL – 3/11/2024

uick one tonight. Apparently Steve finally got a handle on the Tuscarora issue. He swapped out the chips under the tower and that seems to have fixed it. Big relief. To test this, I ran a full session by myself, going through the freight paces, working a basic session all the way through.

The only thing that went wrong is that my BLI SW-7 (bought from Mike, weathered by Chris) suddenly lost throttle control. I’ve seen this before and just re-addressed. And now, for some reason, the rear headlight is always on. Kyle had hung around late and helped me reset it to default values but it stayed incorrect. It’s a real pisser. Guess I get to send them another inquiry tomorrow. What is it with chips and how easily they crap out?

I did enjoy the session, trying to do a full tower session for my train. Of course, I did hear Bitchy Barbara a couple of times. Worse, I missed a couple of train order signals (looks like I’d be writing clearance cards to move the train).

Actually, the real worst was when the “NO CANS, NO BOTTLE sign fell off the trash barrel with a rustle that sounded like a ninja comping up behind me. I stalked around the room, heart in my throat, until I found it. Damn…

Anyway, hopefully this means we’re on for next Sunday. Tuscarora will hopefully be running full out again!


Old Shot: Tuscarora Local 2 idles on the main just over the fence from Lowery Brickyard. (Photo: Pete F)