OpsLog – TBL – 8/21/2021

OpsLog – TBL – 8/21/2021

I’m slowly adding scenery to the Tuscarora – been busy with so many things. Anyway, had another session out at the club, a three-man job that was a lot of fun.

We had John DV on the Coal and Greg running the local. Me, I took the tower/dispatcher post. It was fun but I realized how LONG it’s been since I ran it last. Man, I got the panel so tangled I had to just throw levers forward and reset. What a mess. Still, we got trains moving pretty good (though some situations arouse that had me running coal three hours late at one point).

I think, looking back at the session, that I need to find a better way to run coal. Right now the coal train is probably over-easy, without much to it than running through Tuscarora and occasionally running around the train. I’ve got to find more for him to do, either with landing slips for coal that allow the loads and empties to be moved in a more interesting way. Still thinking it through at this point.

Anyway, it was a good session but the couplers on the newly painted pennsy hoppers were stiff (and troublesome to couple to). I’ll have to have a look at them tonight.

Thanks, guys, for coming out on a Saturday. Always fun!

John runs an unexpectedly colorful engine westbound into Tuscarora, the Tidewater move rattling behind him (John DeVasto)

This makes us in the low twenties of sessions, all together. That’s pretty good!