OpsLog – TBL/WAZU – 5/29/2022

OpsLog – TBL/WAZU – 5/29/2022

t all started because I wanted to introduce my friend Doc to micro layout switching and operations. I figured that he, Greg, myself and some undetermined person would give it a go.

And that’s why I got to drive out to the club to drop my layout back off on Memorial Day morning, early, to clear out my wife’s car so she could use it.

So what started as a quiet session for four turned into an all-day event, the Tuscarora Branch Line in the morning, the WAZU in the afternoon. And since my pal Greg went to dinner and hung out afterwards, the car was still loaded the next day. Okay, so that plotline is closed.

We had the same crew from the last TBL session from a few weeks back, with Kyle and John taking their same positions. The session went well enough but we were trying to introduce others to it – we were getting limited gate on the Memorial Day weekend and nobody wanted to learn something new. Doc and Bill were too busy setting up the WAZU for its session to run with us, so it seems the overall purpose was defeated. But we still had a good run – with an 11am start and lunch, we got most of the way through the session, ending right at 8pm Tuscarora time, when things get interesting. Oh well.
















The WAZU ran pretty well – with a reduced crew and more emphasis on locals, there just wasn’t as much traffic as normal. So the dispatching office was pretty quiet. Wish I could tell my readers some sort of devastating mistake or crash or whatever but no, things ran pretty smooth. I got a chance to run a final stack train through (I think it’s the same one I ran last time, with a stop at Cheney to swap TOFCs). Met a train or two under communist-cooperative train rules, got helper service from Greg and slipped it into the final destination.

So a nice day hanging with the guys. Not the day I expected but a good day all together. Thanks for having us over and hosting two sessions, Doc!

Photo Credit: All photos John Devasto