OpsLog – TY&E – 11/12/2023

OpsLog – TY&E – 11/12/2023

reat session on the TY&E today (even though some of you are hazy on what the word “today” means, since you agreed to be at the session “today”. Whatever).

So we were a little short-handed and had to work around the labor pool shortage. In that, I was bumped off my backwater sand and gravel train and ended up running some freights between Youngstown and Tipton (on the high deck, here angels go and I never have). So it was a new experience for me. But it was fine – while I didn’t get in all the switching I usually do, I did have to work Youngstown at one point to have a train swap motive power with another one (I don’t know if it’s ever worked right, but Bob K and I worked it and got everything turned about correctly).

This pass was as smooth as JW’s beer. That’s me on the main (in the back), passing John DV at Hezelburg. Not only did he wait on the siding but he took this picture.

Really I did get some running in but mostly what I did was help various members rerail their trains. Really, is this club made up of T-Rexes? Little short stubby arms? I was using my long reach to help out cleaning and picking up the scatterings of wreckage when rolling stock no longer rolled. Anyway, I kept the session going through the use of my baboon-like arms, so it was all for the best.

Yes, it was fun to hang out in the pauses my sand and gravel run really does not afford me, drinking JW’s last (and only) beer. Just a nice cool day running some cool trains.Thanks to all those who could remember to attend.


BTW: Here is JW’s last session, back in March of this year. You asked. >>>LINK<<<

A commie Lehigh train rams a freedom-loving boxcar. Better cindered than socialist. (Photo: John DV)