OpsLog – TY&E – 11/15/2015

OpsLog – TY&E – 11/15/2015

etting to the TY&E today was a pain in the ass. Colonial Drive was backed up both ways (on a Sunday at 2pm?). I had to make a U-turn across an anti-tank trap (in a Mini Cooper) to get turned around. I hate the east side of town. It’s nothing but vehicular constipation.

I did see Bill’s big blue truck make the last turn off about 100 feet (i.e. 5 minutes of sit time) ahead of me. Finally got there and got attacked by dogs (the usual thing). And so, train time.

There weren’t a lot of us, which is sad. Used to be that ops brought in ten or so people, but age and traffic and other things to do have cut those numbers.

JW’s layout is one of absolute you-do-what-needs-doing-ism – it’s built in a fairly open garage (and with N-scale, that is very problematic). We started off pretty well, but as time went on, we had a number of problems; electrical and such.

But you know what – the guys who pushed through all that traffic and dealt with the dogs, they pushed back. We ran that session, from begriming to end and pretty much on time. Even with Bruce changing out power like post horses, we still got through. And yes, it isn’t a dedicated basement, NASA-clean. But it was staffed by dedicated crews, with the right stuff. In the words of Dr. Peter Venkman, “We came, we saw, we kicked its ass”.

As for my own efforts, I got to run the old favorite, the Sand & Log run. Did my switching, made my meets, but forgot to run a secondary train in the middle of all this (how was I to know? I was looking at my timetable, not my script – anyway, point taken!). Still, had a lot of fun, as did we all.

Thanks for hosting, JW. Count me in for next time!