OpsLog – TY&E – 2/10/2019

OpsLog – TY&E – 2/10/2019

kay, I can approach this several ways. There’s spending a fun Sunday with friends in an open garage as the rain comes down, just running trains.

And there’s the angle where we ran on a layout where everything ran on time, every train passed as per their timetable, that it went off like virtual clockwork.

Or there is the telling where I visualize the Sand and Log run down from Tipton to Staffordtown, of running a train constructed with heavy covered gons on front, flats behind, of slipping into Meadville to make my meet to rocking along in that swaying cab as I eased into the industrial yard to deliver everything.

The TY&E was all of those things.

We got up a team and put the boys behind the throttles for a great session. There is a lot of casual running under the confines of a fast clock (which sounds counterintuitive, I know, but there it is). The guys had it wired and everyone figured their moves. I saw slow running and careful switching and some laughs, with even a moment of silence for a departed crewmember. So yes, no better way to spend a Sunday.

I’ll admit (because JW will badger me if I don’t) that the only mistake in the session was mine. Yes, my mistake, that of thinking a northbound local should build itself to face north, when really it builds south and chugs around a loop to face the other way. I mean, thanks to JW for not embarrassing me in front of everyone by pointing this out before my departure. Also, it was nice of him to let me struggle that damn caboose around to the opposite end of the train (which meant shifting cars all around Staffordtown to make this work). I wouldn’t want to miss out on that move, even if it meant a lot of back-n-forthing to no gain. But I messed up, and for that, I am sorry.

Seriously, though, a fantastic session, one of the best on this Frankenstein railroad (and I mean this in the best of ways).

Thanks again, JW, for hosting!