OpsLog – TY&E – 4/10/2022

OpsLog – TY&E – 4/10/2022

ough day on the TY&E.

There, I said it.

It shaped up to be a great day – glorious outside, perfect for a garage run. And JW had a huge crowd show up for the session, always a good sign. Train instructions were issued, the experts waked the newbies through their jobs, we all dialed up and then the difficulties started.

Look, not faulting JW on this. We’ve had sessions at the club and at my home layout where things go to shit. I’ve had the Tuscarora, darling of my heart, stab me in the back (several times) with others present. The point is that N-scale model railroading has a lot of tough tolerances – it doesn’t take much to derail rolling stock the size (and weight) of a cigarette package or lose power to an engine across turnouts. It’s not a hobby for the perfectionist. We had a lot of problems up and down the line.

They are lining up like nickle beer day at the tavern. Great gate numbers for the TY&E! (Photo: John DV)

Including those Jacob-ladder shocks we were all getting. They actually stung.

But really, I got a chance to run something other than the Sand and Lumber train. I actually (for the first time ever) ran up to Tipton. And really, I ran six trains (picking up for another operator). And while everyone was having problems, we were more centered on just having fun and laughing at our mistakes.

Like when I left a yard lead turnout open and a train backed over it wrong and derailed the entire string.

Ho ho. Jolly joke.

No, really, it was a lot of fun – the TY&E is a great line where nobody gets stuck on a desk moving markers. Its a handy session that doesn’t take itself too seriously. We all went away grinning.

Except JW. I figured he’s under the layout with a bottle of booze tonight. Man, don’t beat yourself up. Sessions are sessions. I could tell you some stories…