OpsLog – WVN – 11/06/2021

OpsLog – WVN – 11/06/2021

harlie might be ecstatic over his golden ticket to the chocolate factory. But it’s nothing compared to getting a slot on the the Komar’s West Virginia Northern.

I mean, crap’s stake, I gotta get up at 6am, leave by 6:30 and drive for over two hours (in the rain) to get there. Yeah, it’s that good!

Don’t believe me? How about this?

Ashbury Yard, where I spent many happy fast-hours (Photo: Greg Komar)

Since I was first in the door, I got first dibs on job and I took my new favorite, the Ashbury Hostler. My post was way down in the back of this photo (you can just make out the engine house). I was pulling out trains, getting them road-ready, and bringing them out to tack onto trains (and the reverse, as well). It’s a busy job but fun, and you have time to run it with literally all the bells and whistles (meaning you can run slow, use the sound and excellent train controls, and just enjoy watching steam action in 1954). I actually double-shifted in the hostler shed, I enjoy it so much. But I’ve run most of the jobs on this road and loved them all. Even the simplest point-A to point-B run is magical.

Best yet; we ran today with a top-notch crew (and me). Unlike most sessions, there were very few cries for help. People just did their jobs and worked out most of their questions with the train schedules. The Komars, our hosts, got to run their own railroad (doesn’t happen often for superintendents). At the end we were pleased that they had as good a time as their guests, stating that this was perhaps the smoothest run of the WVN ever.

Of course, if it was the crew, you’ll need to invite us back.

Oh, and Orlando-NTrak members: we’ve got a session sometime next year, possibly February.

You can find details about the layout HERE.

And you can find details about my novels >>>HERE<<<

Thanks, Gail and Greg!