Orion twice (2/15/2015)

Orion twice (2/15/2015)

unny how these things work.

Just ordered my telescope – an Orion Astroview 120 ST, from a recommendation by Astronomer Carl the other night. Read the reviews and it seemed just what I was looking for.

So that’s one. After dinner tonight, we dropped in at Barnes and Noble and I picked up a book on astronomy and picked up a star wheel too. Looks like I’ll need a red combat light to use it – tried it after Downton tonight in the backyard with a lamp and flashblinded myself. Still, I managed to get some guestomates on a few stars and clearly spotted Orion’s belt with its surrounding constellation. That’s pretty much the first ID I’ve ever made outside the big dipper.

Still working my way through Stott’s and Sparrow’s Starfinder, which has literally doubled my understanding of astronomy (from 1 to 2) in one evening.

The quest for knowledge continues…