Para Bellum (Review)

Para Bellum (Review)

have to say this, but if you are an Ark Royal series fan and have not read this book yet (the 13th in the series), well, SPOILERS AHEAD.

So we discovered in the last book that a virus has corrupted at least three races and is eager to add more to its fold. That generation ship that came into human space and was allowed to land on a colony world was lousy with viruses.Yes, we think it was contained but there are some freighters that called on the world are missing. And now HMS Invincible has been assigned a small task force and sent on an armed reconnaissance mission into virus-space to find out just how big the virus span of control is, what sort of resources they have, and is there any way to slow them down.

Of particular interest is the super-shipyard they discover, one that could easily out-produce the human sphere and overrun us. Destroying it becomes a prime goal, but how to do it with the base surrounded by point defense and a fleet? Yes, once more, it’s overwhelming odds and stern chases for Captain Shields and the crew of the Invincible, and this time, we don’t simply lose our freedom or our lives, but our very souls.


I’m looking forward to seeing how the human race survives this, which will be in the next (and presumably final) book of this cycle. Hopefully there won’t be any cheap wins but something clever and interesting. I’ll let you now what i find.