Paradox Alley (Review)

Paradox Alley (Review)

nd so finally we get to the third (and final) book of the Starrigger trilogy, the Han Solo-ish book about big (really big) rigs, interplanetary gates, and the mystery at the end of the universe, where the road ends.

Well, from the cover of the book, you’d think it was going to end violently – the truck going off a cliff (with cars skidding around it) while the driver launches clear with his ejection seat. All very exciting, but it doesn’t happen. Not even close.

What does happen is a great deal of not much. Sure, we get to the end of the universe on a poker-chip planet with ruins and such all over it. Jake and his band meet a God-like figure, someone strange and eclectic, who doesn’t answer any question. And there seems to be a power struggle going on between him and a glowing goddess, but just what this was about and why it was important, I couldn’t tell you. Maybe I missed it. People are launching missiles, bombs, god knows what at Jake and his truck. But I’m not sure who the enemy is and why all this is happening. In the end, we do solve the mystery of Carl, the guy from the ‘50s and his high-tech replica of a roadster, but that’s about the only payoff. As to who built the roads, what happens with the maps, why any of this seemed to make a difference, I can’t say. There was a villain somewhere in all this, a guy who’d pursued Jake like Ahab, who gets mushed along the way. So yes, sorta a lukewarm ending overall. Sweet on the final few pages, but that’s about it.

Overall, I’d recommend the series. If someone (who lives close) would like to borrow mine, read it and explain it, I’d welcome it. I just sorta lost the thread (if there was one) at the end.