Persepolis Rising (Review)

Persepolis Rising (Review)

t’s been thirty years since Captain James Holden sent the last fleet of the Free Navy into a strange unknown using instabilities of the ring gate. Everyone’s getting old. So old, in fact, that Holden and his companion Naomi are cashing out their share of the Rocinante and retiring. Everyone else is sticking to it (with Bobby Draper as the new Captain) except poor Clarissa Mao who is dying from her leaking implants. So they make their plans.

And you know about plans.

It is then that through the gates sail two ships of the long missing Martian effort to colonize their own gate-new world (since terraforming Mars is now off the table). But these two ships, derived from alien tech, are more than enough to clobber Medina station and wipe away the protective sphere of railguns. Suddenly Medina is occupied, the enemy battleship is sailing easily towards Earth, and everything (as is with the Expanse Series) is in flux again.

So, like, shit.

The questions raise – can Holden help inspire a revolt on Medina (and not piss off Bobby, who is unsure of her place in the captain’s seat of the Rocinante)? And can the new Laconian governor (homesick and seemingly just as insecure as Bobby) keep the lid on the station? Will the combined Earth/Mars fleet stand against unknown technology? Will Amos be able to keep his shit together?

What will happen next?

The Expanse Series continues to entertain. If you’ve not tried it, pick up the first book, Leviathan Wakes, and see what this shit’s all about. Great series. Great story. You can’t lose!