Pirates’ Hope (Review)

Pirates’ Hope (Review)

his week, I continue with my crush through dusty old books. This time, a modern day adventure (modern day if you are thinking of the early 1900s). But the book Pirates’ Hope followed very close to the trail of Treasure Island – an island, a band of desperate heroes, and a group of horrid buccaneers.

So how did we get to this point? It seems Bonteck Van Dyck is one of the idle rich. He’s got everything. Further, he’s a skilled football player and a leader of men. Being who he is, he approaches his old college chum Dick Preble (is is a working mechanical engineer by trade, which he must do because he’s lost his own fortune) with an idea. Wouldn’t it be a jolly lark if he were to invite all of New York’s society in a cruise aboard his mini-liner, the Andromeda? He want’s Dick along to get his opinion on how they react to being forced into each other’s company.

But the joke’s on Dick, since his ex-fiancee has been invited along (her mother demanded he break off their nuptials  when Dick’s western stocks tanked). Mom’s coming too.

But the joke’s on all those rich clingers – Bonteck has set up a fake mutiny that is going to see them put ashore on a deserted island in the south Caribbean).

Jokes back to Dick. He actually was marooned on that very island and nearly starved to death. His “friend” even knew this.

But then the jokes on everyone since the mutiny actually is not a play-acting. There is rumors of pirate gold on the island.

So we have interactions between the rich snobs, people growing pairs, people losing pairs, pirates with every advantage, heroics, battles, sharks, buried treasure (it’s actually there, but it’s a strange surprise what it actually is), chases, fights, and good old college pluck.

Really, I did like this one. I’m not sure how successful it was a century ago but it read well. And, like Light Fingered Gentry, it seems that hooking a rich husband or wife was all that mattered back then. Fun read.

You can find your own copy, for free, right HERE!