Plague Doldrums (DOG EAR)

Plague Doldrums (DOG EAR)

’m really getting the concept of life in a plague and political turmoil.

In many of the historical novels I read, plagues happen. Generally the town becomes quiet save for the rumble of the carts carrying away the dead. At the edge of town, spades eat at the soil, expanding the plague pits. Occasionally doors are marked with an X or whatever to mark a contagious house.

And I haven’t lived under a rise of fascism, through I read all about it in Winds of War. Now we have crazed political responses (we just cut funding to the World Health Organization) and conflicting directives. We have claims of “absolute authority”. All this, along with the plague.

Of course, the toilet paper shortages are a laughable initial outcome, the store fights, the hording, the learning to use only a panel or two. But it’s rapidly becoming apparent that other shortages might ensue. Medical supplies are short, and food could become an issue. We’re already stocking up.

And amid all this, the need to be productive and creative.

Tough to do.

I only knew it was Wednesday because that is a bike day, riding the largely empty streets, gliding down silent boulevards. It hit me that I had a DOG EAR to write, to come up with something relevant and creative and expressive to the writers who follow this. And even I was having problems with it. With all the turmoil and uncertainty, I feel like the play-actors from The Adventures of Baron Von Munchhausen, who try to stage a play during a Turkish bombardment. Either they put on a show or they will be thrown over the walls to the Turks.

And that’s rather where we are at. We all feel like we are standing on the brink of the abyss. A single step from disaster. And there is that creativity we engage in, our art, our music, our crafts. I write and do game programming. I’ve found that now, more than ever, it’s a better day if I lose myself in creating something, the window open with a cat or two in it, the overhead fan going slow, typing out this or that, assembling things I can share with others. Yes, there is Netflix and Hulu, but they only scratch the surface – they amuse but do not fulfill.

So, for your own sakes, to not go over the walls onto the waiting Turkish halberds, to keep your heart from blackening with dread, do it. Write! Code! Glue! Garden! Explore! Expand! Enjoy!

You must!