Pretty Pictures (DOG EAR)

Pretty Pictures (DOG EAR)

here was a time when I easily posted these pieces to Facebook. I’d simply copy the link and the picture-letter (in this case, the “T” to the left) would pop into the link, nice and professional. People could tell this was one of my pieces by that distinctive monk-work.

Then Facebook started to fuss with me. Sometimes it would work. Sometimes it wouldn’t. When it didn’t, it would use the site’s general front-page graphic (which says “Manuscript” but, because of compression, would read “Anus”). Can you get more negative-media than that? Oh, I could click and coax and repost, and finally Facebook would get it right. Still, I got to dread Dog Ear and Review days for the hassles I had to go through.

And then, finally, it stopped working altogether. For over a year, every link I posted carried the distinctive “Anus” trademark.

I finally got sick and tired of it and tried to look for a way to get more control over the graphics used. One or two googles leads to some third party software, a solution I wasn’t crazy about. But all the other “solutions” were links to older information, years out of date. According to them, you simply copied the link and pasted it in your post. Sure, maybe in your daddy’s time.

Maneuvered back around to that software, Sure, it was freeware and all that and, I’ll be honest, I’m not sure what I’m opening myself up to (for all I know, it could be a Chinese intelligence link or something). But the software works well. Simply add your image and then put in your title, a description, the url you want to link to and which format you’d like and you are given a new link to post into your Facebook page. AnyImage does all the rest. And now I can put the letter into my post like I wanted to (you might have noticed that that was what you clicked on to read this) and I’m not spending time trying to trick Facebook to add the image I want.

If you are posting links and wish to make a more dramatic statement, you might wish to check out this software.


P.S. Okay, they just asked me for a free registration to access their site. So I guess I got a limited number of uses until this happened. Well, I registered and will inform you if it goes south.