Pull the other one…

Pull the other one…

Car’s in the shop after being rammed. Thought I could be urbane and hip by riding in all four days when I wouldn’t have it, a show of reliance and such.

Was at the intersection of 1792 and Orange, waiting the light on my way to work. It changed, I went onto the right pedal and suddenly pain shot through my leg. It felt like the ratlines of a ship giving way, right before the mast topples, a physical thrum. I remember making a “Yip” noise and wobbling across the intersection, which was suddenly a borderless realm of concrete. Thought about stopping, but first there was a transient on the side of the road, then a cyclist having a smoke. Every time I ride in I never see anyone. Now that I need to land the bike, it’s like a parade. Finally slipped into a side street and got off the bike. Walking was a pain. I massaged it for a bit but it was throbbing. Had I torn something? I didn’t know, but suddenly those plans of reliance were crashing down around me. Had to call the wife to come pick me up.

She took me to one of those doc-in-the-box places. It wasn’t bad and we got seen pretty quickly. The doc had me push and pull and then told me it was just a bad sprain. I remember feeling (a) relief in that it wasn’t some sort of surgery-resolution thing and (b) self-loathing, because it was only a simple sprain and nothing involving bones sticking out. I’d wimped out.

However, the doc did prescribe pain pills, including sedatives. Let me tell you, if you are a creative person you’ll hate sedatives. It was like my edge, my soul, my muse was removed. I’m having problems even writing this in an interesting, chatty way, I’m so doped out. The pain is largely gone now, so I think I’ll hang onto the pills long enough to be sure, then flush them.

I’m so warped, I feel like just going home and watching “Jersey Shore” or something easy.