Quarantine 2

Quarantine 2

he second and last installment of a short two-part series. I got my results today and they were negative. Not bad – CVS Pharmacy took them at midday Sunday and posted them by Tuesday morning.

So it’s interesting that, with a mask and precautions, I still caught some sort of low-grade cold. That’s worrisome since it means that, even with masks and hand-washing, you can still catch things.

Also interesting – provided I have a computer to program with and books to read, I’m quite the happy introvert. Yesterday I stayed in a closed condo (with a view of the sea) and coded and read and napped the entire day, not going out once until I made a drive-thru run. I really don’t need that many people to chat with, it would seem.

Now, I just gotta get down that condo elevator. I’ve seen four people in it over the last two days and nobody was wearing the mask. Think about that – you are getting into a box that people have been wheezing and gasping in, without pretty much any ventilation, and they aren’t wearing masks. And that’s why our covid rate is worse than many third world countries. Between the crackers and karens, this virus is just going to burn and burn. America. Every man for himself.

The good news is that my wife’s important surgery preliminary is still on for Thursday. And yes, while I’ll wander back into town this afternoon, I’m still counting that test as nice-to-have but not definitive – that means no train club and no shopping. I’ll be under home-quarantine (except for a little bike riding) for the next week and a half. I’m taking this seriously, even if the Q-tits and crackers won’t.

And thanks to everyone for their kind wishes over this thing. I got a lot of support, both on the phone and Facebook. It meant a lot.