Railroad Paperwork (DOG EAR)

Railroad Paperwork (DOG EAR)

ne of the side uses of my site is recording model railroad ops session. To explain, I’m a member of a huge model railroad club. Once a month we run trains like a real railroad. Dispatchers. Orders. Paperwork. Switching. All that fun railroad stuff.

And early on in the Blogatorium I started writing my accounts of each session, everything from my small 2×4 foot microlayout to the sprawling La Mesa club in San Diego’s Balboa Park. It’s fun to “yarn” about things that happen, all the goofs, fubars and accidents.

What is funny is how much this has become a staple in our community. Last night as we set up for the session, I heard numerous people joke about “showing up in the blog”. We once had a young man come back from college for vacation and dispatch, and what a mess he made. After the session, he came out of the back office, exhausted and sweaty, took one look at me, and said, “Oh man. I’m in the blog, aren’t I?”

Actually, when I visit La Mesa in San Diego once a year, the senior members tell me that they always enjoy my blog postings (I generally get them up as soon as I’m home). It’s nice to find out that people look forward to your writing.

Curious as I wrote this, I went back to look at my oldest entries – 2010. Been writing this for over a decade now. And there are a lot of them, 386 total. You can see then HERE.

It’s like a picture book. I’m recording my life (and my hobby) as it happens.