Red Limit Freeway (Review)

Red Limit Freeway (Review)

o Jake (and his sentient truck Sam) is back for the second book following StarRigger. Predestined by road lore to be the trucker who makes it to the end of the universe (via the skyway, a series of jumpgates built into a highway system) and back with a working road map, Jake continues his travels. Along the way, he continues to pick up more and more people in his quest, those voluntarily coming (or otherwise). And tagging in his wake, the evil forces of a rival trucker union and a tree-planet boss (whose huge hotel Jake burned down in the preceding book). Oh, and an alien race of hunters who view Jake as ritual prey. Enemies and enigmas and a bad forward right roller – it’s all coming together in this story.

I really liked this, even though it seemed to have a bit of a deflation (as all middle books of trilogies seem to have). There was a bit where the Reticulan hunting party catches him in a dark underground place made for palm-tremble reading – very good action sequence. And the wonder of the alien garage (and the strange things they see) was scifi in its most classic sense – the exploration of the unknown. Really enjoyed this.

There are still mysteries for that third book, like the creature Jake keeps encountering, and the black cube, and how it all ends. I’m really looking forward to seeing this all play through.

And the best thing – I’m not waiting a year or more between each installment. I just walk over to my ‘keepers’ shelf and pull the next one down.

Coming up soon – the conclusion (and yes, I’ll be careful not in include spoilers). But it’s worth the read if you can find the set.