Resolutions (DOG EAR)

Resolutions (DOG EAR)

We’re looking at yet another new year (seeing how the Mayan’s prophecies were typically misconstrued by a population eager for a taste of apocalypse). Nope, just another year of same-ol-same-ol.

I’m not going to make resolutions, not solid ones anyway. The doc told me to lose 10 lbs so I’m working on that. As for everything else, I pretty much hold to my life as I should – it feels right and works for me.

But then there is the writing angle. I suppose it’s time to post out some more cover letters.

I’ve got a system with those big books of writing (including the section on agents). Since I won’t be using them again (and most of them have a shelf life of about a year or two), what I do is leaf through the available (and likely unreceptive) agents and pick the ones I’ll post. Then I’ll review what they want, and get those packets set up. When I’m ready for cover letters and mailers, I’ll do several things…

1) I’ll place a circle (yeah, written right in the book) next to their name.

2) I’ll jot down the date I posted them on.

3) I’ll mark the page with a paper clip (small side on the page to remember) so I can find then again (and see, at a glance, how many submissions I’m running).

As my SASEs come home to roost, I’ll mark an X in the box to show it’s come back and remove the clip. It’s a system I’ve used for years.

Usually I run three clips. Because I was in a Dale Carnegie course and need to accomplish something, I sent out another five. Looks like I’m down to five clips. A look at the date shows some from July and some from September.

Time to post three more out.

A perfect resolution.

And Happy New Year to you all!