Retraction on AnyImage (DOG EAR)

Retraction on AnyImage (DOG EAR)

ell, this is embarrassing.

Last week I gushed about AnyImage, which was software you could use to embed your website with an image neatly into Facebook (which has become a Metapain). Sure, it worked great the first few times I used it. Liked it enough that I used it to post a DOG EAR piece promoting it. However, the day I went to post up that praise, the site asked for me to register (because I’d used it two or three times and they wanted me to sign up). Look, I prefer it free and clear, but if I need to give them my email, all right. I did that, it let me in and I posted nice and neat. Just what I wanted.

The next day I had to post up my On Sheet blog on another Facebook group. Prepped up everything, had the art ready, and went to log into AnyImage. Guess what? It wouldn’t let me in. I tried and tried to use my own account (based on my email) and it couldn’t find it. So finally I logged in with a new account, tied to another of my email accounts. That got me in so I could post.

Sunday was book review day and guess what – I was locked out of the second account. I used my wife’s email for a third account and was very, very careful with the password (saved to my computer password file, too). And by that evening, I was locked out again.

I’ve gone to the company’s support page and asked them what’s up with all this lockout stuff and have gotten no reply. So it seems that this software is like the an abandoned ship drifting in the lanes of commerce. It is unmanned, unsupported and useless. It’s frustrating that whoever had the site left it up and running. Worse are the glowing reviews, also from years gone by, which direct more hopeful bloggers to the site.

So yes, I’m retracting my endorsement. This is useless software. Don’t bother with it.