Retyrement – finally! (DOG EAR)

Retyrement – finally! (DOG EAR)

retired nearly three weeks ago. It’s been very busy, all sorts of doctors’ appointments and linking up with a riding group. And then there was the first project (going through boxes of books and picking the ones I liked (more on that next week)). And then there was the hurricane which was going to sweep us off to Hell before it turned into a Sunday afternoon shower. But for that, all our loose lawn items had to come into the (newly cleaned) garage. So busy busy busy.

Today was the first Thursday that wasn’t howling-busy, and for today, I wanted an omelette.

See, Juniors is a great little beanery about a quarter mile from our house. Been going there for years, but usually on the weekends. Then, there is a line out the door and the benches are filled will Baldwin Park youwhos speaking in their powerpoint voices about their stock portfolios and their boats. My wife and I loved to eat a slow breakfast over books but it was always noisy and a little rushed (what with all the line-glaring we got).

My dream – since my wife does her own friends breakfast on Tuesdays, and the boys and I ride Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, Thursdays would become the new Juniors day. And today was the first try at this.

Came in and only one booth was occupied. Found our own, chatted with the waitresses (they were delighted that I was retired now). Then the first hitch – the three-sausage omelette that I like so well, it’s not available during the weekdays. But the cook, she saw me and knew me and fired one up anyway. Our teas were kept topped and everything was perfect. Read and ate, then read and digested. Finally, after a leisurely  hour, we paid our bill and walked out to tandem bike for the easy roll home.

And then I came back and wrote this.

I think I can get used to this new life.