Rock and a Hard Place (DOG EAR)

Rock and a Hard Place (DOG EAR)

doubt it caused concern in the New York Publishing Houses (is that even a thing anymore?). And I don’t think the literary blogs were abuzz over it. But last week, I skipped any entries – Dog Ear and the following Book Review.

The thing is, I wasn’t up to it.

Before posting up my blog (I’d written it the day before) I’d gone over to the dentist first thing in the morning to get my new tooth implant inserted. Big day, been waiting a year for it. But when I got out of the car, that gentle muscle spasm (sic) I’d felt on the drive over took on the sensation of of Kentucky mule kick to the kidneys and I realized (with mounting fear and horror) that the stone my urologist had warned by about, that hanging avalanche of pain and dismay, had finally come loose.

So after the implant was in, I went immediately over to the urologist’s only to find that he was in surgery until Friday go-home time, that he was on vacation the next week, and that their “practice” was not to switch patents to other doctors. They wouldn’t even give me an advance appointment on the second Monday without proof-of-stone (and how’s that for Catch-22?). So, as the pain grew to a dizzying white hot torment, I had the wife take me to the ER where I spent the rest of the day watching the drip feed (and altering my consciousnesses on their drugs). And then home for an agonized attempt at sleep.

Needless to write, I didn’t feel like posting.

And that’s art for you. Yes, often we don’t feel like doing it but we have to rape our muses. But this time, this time it was beyond that. This time I was looking at eight days waiting for the doctor while the pain tore on and on. So no, I didn’t post.

I might have tried for the book review on Sunday. I lucked out as Saturday night I think I passed the stone (without an Xray, who is to say it’s not lurking around out there. I’ve had stones double back on me). But also I was lazy, having slept (finally) fourteen hours the night before and content to lay there and watch MST3000 reruns. Yeah, screw my insightful blog. I was just having me-time without Rocky the kidney stone along.

Anyway, I’m most of the way through my doctor’s vacation. I’ll see him Monday and once we get a verification/resolution on the stone, I’ll bring up the point of their practice and it’s idiotic rules (and possibly my reason on leaving them). But yeah, I’m just gliding towards that moment, taking it easy.

And posting blogs again.