t’s probably a bad idea. I’m going to start role playing again (after 30 years or so).

Role playing (if you live in a cave and don’t know) is where one person acts as an impartial (or so they say) referee, setting up everything from the nature of the world to the price of a beer. Players describe what they want to do, and the ref determines (using tables and rules as guides) the outcome. Back in the day, I hosted a very successful StarWars campaign (which ran pretty much weekly for fifteen years). I can figure that a lot of my storytelling abilities was honed by our campaigns.

Recently, a friend put a bug in my ear about role playing again. After all, we play a dice game together once a week. By now, StarWars has soured on me (since it’s little more than reheated fanservice at this point). I’ve no interest in playing it. However, another friend and I wrote a game called Solar Trader (available HERE), about space travel in our solar system in 2075. I put a lot of imagination into that run down, polyglot world. In that, I decided that, sure, it would be a great background for my new scifi adventure (using my old StarWars rules), Solaris!

While most of the work getting the new basic ruleset put together was little more than translation, there were some new things I wanted to add – wizard/jedi stuff – nanobots and hacking. For these, I came up with a basic set of rules that might work (players have been informed that my rules are not hard-n-fast at this point). Someone’s already rolled a Sandman so we’ll see how it plays. Very curious.

We plan to play on the FB messenger thing (where we play Scurvy Dice). It’s easy and pretty dependable. Showtime will be Saturday at 7pm. And yes, I’m nervous. It’s been a while since I had to think fast to keep a storyline moving live. Usually, I get stuck, I take a walk. The players won’t appreciate that. So I’m setting up some ideas and developing a really neat place to start the game and a possible adventure line or two, so we’ll see.

Break a leg, right?