Saturday morning errands

Saturday morning errands

I’d done a spreadsheet train-thingee for Doc Andy and it was misbehaving. Since Mookie the cat needed more food, I told him to bring it into his clinic Saturday and I’d come by. Since Interlachen Animal Hospital only 5.3 miles away, it would make a nice morning ride. One of the advantages of being green and living urban.

Since I’ve picked up my commuting (2-3 times a week) I have really not run many pleasure rides as of late. This would be one. Got onto Corrine and had a sort of “nudist feeling”, how everything feels light and airy. And the reason, of course, was that I didn’t have my saddlebags on, which usually contain:

a) Pants, shirt, underwear, socks

b) Towel

c) Breakfast

d) Laptop.

e) Road tools, tubes (God help me if I need them).

This might add up (with the bags) to 20lbs extra, which makes a difference. And so the sun was out, the birds chirping, the spokes blurring, the air cool, so the ride was nice.

Funny thing – going up Lakemont, I passed a big group of cyclists going the other way. These are those circuit-jerker types (my brother is one of them) who use the word “miles” as a sentence period. “Yesterday we road 50 miles.” “This weekend, I’m going to shoot for 120 miles.” and “Big deal – your commute is only nine miles.” They looked like flamingoes, all colorful, all spindly, all pretty much pointless. Beautiful to watch, but its not anything like a practical commute.

Priests of different religions, we passed.

Anyone ever seen The Triplets of Belleville?