Seeing Life and Art (DOG EAR)

Seeing Life and Art (DOG EAR)

love all forms of media and the art of storytelling. And recently I started rewatching and old favorite anime (Japanese animation) with the jawbreaking name Blood Blockade Battlefront. I don’t even know why it’s named that but, in a nutshell,, New York City has suddenly become the nexus point for multiple dimensions, a city in siege, so to speak. Aliens walk the streets. Explosions roll through the city. Vampires. Ghosts. Just total craziness (i.e. NYC but even a little more crazy).

Enter Leonardo Watch, a kid who was blessed/cursed by a god and now has ‘the All-Seeing Eyes of the Gods’, a pair of glass-like blue eyes that can see what other people see and also what they don’t.

Okay, so while I’m watching this, I’m playing the game Streets of Rogue off Steam. It’s a crazy game of a city racked with danger. Aliens walk the streets, explosions roll… vampires… ghosts…

It was odd – I suddenly realized that I was following two tales of dystopian city life, both remarkably the same. The idea of a dysfunctional city that still functions, the strength of its urban center, all that. While I played Rogue, I imagined being in Hellsalem’s Lot.

Enter the second tie-in. I recently went to the ER because I thought I was suffering either (A) a stroke or (B) a detaching retina. I’d get a flash in the corner of my left eye and I had a slight headache. Turns out it was neither, but scary all the same.

So, back to B3, there is a scene where Leonardo uses his eyes in a strainey heroic way and suddenly one of them cracks. He goes down on his knees and blood spatters all over the pavement. I’m going to say that at this point, given what I’d just suffered, I was internally winching. It was too close to home.

And that, I suppose, is the point of this bloggy thought – our media reflects us, who we are and what we experience. And if we look closely at it we can occasionally see the serendipitous links that bind it all together. So here I am, an eye issue, an anime and a video game, all indexing each other. Scary. And a little breathtaking.