ShowLog – Deland – 1/10-11/2015

ShowLog – Deland – 1/10-11/2015

ome math…

When I ran a train through John’s scale speedometer, I tended to hit 33mph or so. Given that one slow train (mine) tends to set the pace for everyone on our Jacksonville mainline, we can assume ALL the trains were hitting that speed. Note that this, as well as all my other estimates, are low-ball.

There was an average of 3-5 trains on the layout at any time. We’ll lowball with that and say 3. That means, every hour, our three trains clocking 33mph were running 100 scale miles.

Or 550 scale miles each day, for a total of 1100 scale miles for the entire weekend.

Since N-scale is 33 feet to the mile, we can figure that we ran a total of 1100×33 = 36,300 real feet over the two days.

Which is 6.975 real miles.

And again, this is low. It’s probably more like 10.

That’s a lot of effort. But you can’t measure the fun!

(as an aside, I had to hang around there until 5pm, loading other peoples’ layouts. When I saw you guys leaving at 4:15, I knew how an angel feels being left on Earth. Man, that sucked…)