ShowLog – Deland – 10/6/2012

ShowLog – Deland – 10/6/2012

Photo: Keith Rogers / Reefers: Mine

We took our space-age sectional layout to this weekend’s Deland show. Lots of fun, especially following a really easy setup (six guys, one hour of casual effort).

Had some problems – what show wouldn’t have problems? After all, we’re moving a complex assemblage forty miles and putting it together in a strange place, to run tiny trains with all sorts of electronics. So first we had problems with the taillights of the truck the night before (I went over to Bob’s early this morning to follow him and act as taillights). Then one of the new digitrax cables were pinched, meaning the radios didn’t work well (actually, a lot of people couldn’t dial in at all). Replaced that but were still getting radio hits all afternoon (to the point most of us just jacked in). We have an idea of how to fix that – techno-Steve has found information about getting better performance from our electronics (remember, we are trying to read radio in a club-crowded room, with the guys six feet over using our same gear, in a metal building with crazy lights, nearby microwaves and god-knows-what coming from the animal science building (dark, perverse science).

But we still had fun running. Ran my F-units with a long cut of reefers. And passed all my buddy’s trains going about their imaginary businesses.

My own private take-away is that we need to get the scenery done in the hospital area. With all the other great scenery, this part now looks like a gap in a beautiful smile. So Monday at the club, we’ll start tossing glue and grass to correct this.

Great day, and we loaded up and were gone in 15 minutes, right before the rain hit.