ShowLog – Deland – 4/11/2015

ShowLog – Deland – 4/11/2015

ot much to say on this one – I rolled everything out [sic] for loading, we had a good team at the show, everything went together… until it was time for the skirts. Which I’d forgotten.

So we’re standing there, miles from the club, wondering what to do. The layout looks pretty good – we’re not the only one without skirting. Should someone drive 100 miles round trip to get the box I’d neglected (I’d ridden over, so I couldn’t volunteer for that job). Fetch them? Skip them?

It was Bill Sterner who solves the problem (and made me laugh) – “I say we just go commando.”

Perfect answer. Perfect idea. Perfect show. We ran and ran. Had one little brat who shopped for trains – he wanted sound, steam, everything his way. Turned up his nose for everything. I think I finally foisted him off on Frank who was good enough for two laps and a kick in the butt out the door. Otherwise, outside of one or two turnouts (which should not be a problem once we don’t have to back in) we ran flawlessly.

Since I had to leave early (family issues) I’m not sure how the load out for home went. 15 minutes? Or was it a disastrous 17 minutes? Did they just sell off the layout and leave? I’ll have to find out Monday night when I go out to the club…?