ShowLog – Deland – 7/14/2013

ShowLog – Deland – 7/14/2013

My little confession that most people know – I am a theoretical socialist.

I don’t know how socialism would ever be, or come about. I’ve talked to the Hyde Park radicals and gotten an earful of gibberish. I’ve read Chairman Mao’s Little Red Book and found nothing but slogans there. I have no idea what socialism would look like, or how people would work as one, for the greater good.

Well, until this Deland Show.

We had a lot of club members waiting at the ramp when Bob backed the truck in. The module racks came down the ramp, each person at their station. We slid them out, one a time, as MasterBuilder Steve had envisioned, the leg guys standing by, the modules clicking together in less time than it takes to blog. The curtains went up and the connections in as I seated the buildings. With everyone working like some sort of Railroading Riverdance Review, we had our 27×21 L-shaped show layout up and running in just over 35 minutes.

And nobody got paid for their “units of labor”.

I figure if there is ever a city of hobbyists, a JohnAllenGrad or whatever, in the main square there will be a statue of us, big bronze heroic figures, the lead one with his leg-tightening 7/16s wrench thrust forward, the others in dynamic stances. And even if the pigeons don’t poop on it, it will already be stained and weathered – it’s a city of model railroaders, right? I’d do it with “antique white”.

Anyway, the show was a breeze and the layout ran like a watch. Good work, Comrades!