ShowLog – Orlando Fairgrounds – 8/3/2014

ShowLog – Orlando Fairgrounds – 8/3/2014

‘ll admit that a two day weekend show is tough. We need to run for six hours a day and then pack and go. And that’s six hours of running with kids, of asking people not to touch (or, ferchristsakes, lean on) the layout.

But today, while long, was easy.

Had a sizable crew show up on time. Steve brought donuts*. Everyone there grabbed a rag and some alcohol and cleaned their way around the layout. Fifteen minutes until open, trains started coming out from Bowden Yard and the NS North Jax. When people came in, we were running. And all day, the crews would look up from their chairs when trains got sparse and would add theirs to the mix. We ran 3-6 trains across the line the entire time, nonstop.

The layout ran well, as always.

For the statistically-minded, we were set up Saturday in 35 minutes and took down in 20 or so. The weather broke clear so we could load the modules, and Bob called to tell me it broke for him when he got to the club, so we’re home and dry.

Easy show, and we pulled in another $200 and might gain a member or two (we’ll see who comes out).

Thanks to all who came our and ran with us. Every effort helps.


* I’ll also note that Bill brought them the day before. This is a policy I’d like to see continue…