Sign of the Unicorn (Review)

Sign of the Unicorn (Review)

ook Three of the Nine Princes in Amber was a pretty interesting continuation. Corwin, now holding the throne of Amber, tries to figure out where this shadow road leads to that is dumping all sorts of dark creatures into his realm. Another one of his brothers is killed and if it isn’t apparent that we are heading towards a whodunit, it becomes clear when the entire group (brothers and sisters, both) stage a rescue to get another brother back from a shadow-world prison. While they do get him and pull him back into Amber, someone slips a knife into his back in the confusion. And then, later that night, Corwin gets one as well. It looks like someone is really working overtime to take the throne.

There is a lot of story resolution – specifically about how Corwin ended up on our Earth, what caused the accident that gave him the amnesia in the first place, and which brothers (and sisters) are forming cabals to seize power. In other words, story piles up in front of us as quickly as we pass other story behind us.

The only thing about this was that, in the final chapter or two in the book, things got strange and esoteric (a sign of the 70s, I suppose). I’m not sure, with all the Lucy-in-the-sky descriptions, that I quite understand what happened. Be that as it may, it ends on a disturbing note. So we’ll start off the new year by going onto book four (once I finish something else). And we’ll see just WTF is going on.

I hope.