Tales from Watership Down (Review)

Tales from Watership Down (Review)

ne of my most influential books on my writing and storytelling was Richard Adams’ Watership Down. While the story is reviewed by me HERE, it is, in a nutshell, a story of an epic quest and a stirring battle as a band of rabbits leave a doomed warren for their holy high ground, which is Watership Down (a hillock in England). Anyone I respect as a reader has cracked this one open. Great story.

I even convinced a mother and her daughter to read it as related HERE. Got a Christmas card from them and they have completed (and loved it).

So I was out for a short ride, ferrying a book to one of our neighborhood curbsides. And there I found (to my amazement) this book named Tales of Watership Down, a continuation of the first book in short-story format. The first half of the book deals with El-ahrairah (“The prince with a thousand enemies”) and his many strange adventures. And the second half of the book is the true gem. It picks up where the original left off, detailing the adventures of many of the rabbits of the first book as life goes on.

As far as a sequel goes, it was perfect. It didn’t try to pick up where the first book ended, but rather a comfortable time-frame past it. It scoped across all the rabbits, telling their tales and exploring life on the Downs. It was short and sweet and really gave me a smile.

And since my mom-friend and her daughter (and the daughter’s stuffed rabbit toy (“Doug”)) enjoyed the first one so much, I’ll be handing my copy to them to enjoy. And I hope they do.

Fantastic book. You can hunt it down easy if you give it a try!