Targeted Saves (DOG EAR)

Targeted Saves (DOG EAR)

do a lot of things on my computer. I write short stories. I’m working on two games. I work on some train files. I publish a newsletter.

And nothing sucks more than when I’m working on a game and then have to put out the Journal Box newsletter. When I do this then every default save option needs to shift from wherever it was to whatever it is. This might make sense to Micro$oft but not to anyone who uses computers a lot.

Think about it. The newsletter is a combination of txt files, word docs, PDFs if submitters are idiots, jpgs, whatever. And for each file type, as soon as I try to save for my newest endeavor, I need to climb the directory tree to a different branch to save it. For each file type.

And, worse, sometimes I multitask. After a day of working on the newsletter, I might unwind by working on the game. So now I’m having to retarget all saves in the evening, and then again when I pick up the newsletter again the following morning.

Maybe GatesCo thought that everyone would use their laptops for one function only? I dunno. It would make sense to have some sort of saved directory list so you could set your current default from it.

I think my solution is going to have to be to establish short cuts for all my active folders somewhere so I can jump there and do my work. But it should be easier.

Just throwing this out there.