The 13th Star (Review)

The 13th Star (Review)

Not much I can say for this review, sorry. I got about 25% of the way in and it just didn’t spark for me. Pretty much most of the self-published novels I’ve read off Kindle have this feature – the writers don’t seem to know their craft. They don’t know rule one – show, don’t tell. And this book was all telling. A planet blows up. Populations are moved from planet to planet. A hero is a saint of a guy. But there aren’t details, tales and anecdotes to support this – just a running account of events.

Sorry, I just couldn’t engage here. Had a tough week, sat down, looked at the Kindle and though, Meh. Picked up a published book from the nineties and there was the description, the scene setting, the scenery porn I wanted.

If you don’t believe me, then the only recommendation I can offer if that you try it for yourself. It’s over on Amazon, reasonably priced.


p.s. Okay, I just read this on an article on books and reading…

“I also believe that, to paraphrase the Roman lawyer Pliny the Younger, no book is so bad that you can’t find anything in it of interest. You can learn something from the very worst books—even if it is just how crass and base, or boring and petty, or cruel and intolerant the human race can be. “

So I’m going to try it again. Maybe I wasn’t in a good mood. But I’ll pick it up and hammer through it after I finish my next book. Watch for The 13th Start, Version 2.0.

I hate when I quote something that applies back at me…