The Collapsing Empire (Review)

The Collapsing Empire (Review)

oor Cardenia, She’s just a nobody living on Hub, the imperial world that controls a network of forty-eight planets connected by the flow, a physics anomaly that allows space ships to travel (slowly) between worlds. Everything is fine and she likes her life. But then the heir to the throne dies in a car racing accident and the current Emperox succumbs to old age. And suddenly, unprepared and maybe a bit unwilling, she it suddenly thrust into the role of the new Emperox.

It is a lot to take in for her (as the ruler of an empire for which the flow might be slowly unraveling, cutting off all these worlds from each other (and worlds, I might note, that have been developed by their representing trading houses to be totally dependent on each other, meaning the end of the flow is the end of life for everyone)) and also a lot for us as readers (see the earlier aside). Yes, lots of crazy names, lots of titles, but lots of fun.

I picked up the first book of the series in a used book store and when I mentioned it to a friend, he told me that it wasn’t very good. Reluctantly I read it and had a blast with it – it’s funny, it’s witty, it’s interesting, it’s unsettling, and everyone in it is droll and clever. Once I finished, I mentioned how much I enjoyed it back to him and he reread it – and had a blast. Another friend is enjoying it too. So there you have it, three solid votes for this book (which is the first book of the three (so far) book series, The Interdependency Series. Yes, the end of the worlds as we know them, with all the excitement and humor you could hope for.

Check them out! Tell the bookstore (or library) that Robert, Jesse and Brian sent you!