The Courts of Chaos (Review)

The Courts of Chaos (Review)

nd here it is, the conclusion to the original Amber series, written in the 1970s, read by me in the early 1980s, carted about from place to place by me for forty years and eventually reread. The end!

So, we have the world (bigger, reality itself) falling apart, an evil brother revealed and on the loose, and hero Corwin riding hard to reach the Courts of Chaos (basically, the Castle at the End of the Universe) to save things. Very exciting and very interesting. Of course, these days some readers might think of Corwin as “woke” (in that he attempts to rekindle his relationship with his lost son and takes a more realistic view of his thirst for Amber’s Throne) (and it’s fine, so “some readers” can be dismissed as assholes).

I only remembered (from my original read) of being shocked at which brother finally gets picked to rule (in a mystical ceremony that didn’t involve a moistened bint). It had stayed with me all these decades, but this time the big reveal didn’t have the same impact. Maybe because I’ve seen that idea over and over, or I knew the resolution going in, or possibly because I’m an older, more adult reader – read it yourself and tell me what you think.

Anyway, it was a good series and I’m glad I read it, enjoyed it, and concluded it. It is worth your time and it must be out there in some form. Go look for it and enjoy this blast from the past!