The Cure (DOG EAR)

The Cure (DOG EAR)

o last Sunday I reviewed The Cure, a book by Sonia Levitin that details the persecutions of the Jews in Strasbourg in 1348. In a nutshell, the Jews of that town (like in every other place across Europe at the time) were blamed for the Black Death that was sweeping through. The claims that Jews were poisoning the wells were backed by the solid evidence gained by barbaric torture. And it’s all historic fact, as Ms. Levitin outlines in her epilogue.

Fine and dandy. I love, after reading a novel, to find out just what is true and what isn’t.

And here’s where the cussing starts.

So, in the second to final paragraph, Ms. Levitin writes:

Throughout the middle ages, anti-Semitism remained so deeply ingrained in many Europeans that it led to the murder or forced conversion of thousands of Jews. In this century, when Hitler seized control of Germany in the 1930s, he was easily able to rekindle old prejudices and to proceed with the systematic murder of six million Jews and other “undesirable elements” of society.

Fine and good. But this is when some “Karen”, a woman with an adult-female’s penmanship, decided to inject her little viewpoints into a book meant to warn young adults about prejudice.

You know those fuckers who dilute “Black lives matters” into “All lives matter” (as if white people have to worry about getting shot down in the street for any minor infraction)? Well, Karen decided that she needed to play the “poor Christians – persecuted yet unrecognized” card. So, with her little black pen and Hallmark card cursive, she added the following “correction” to the author’s note:

…he was easily able to rekindle old prejudices and to proceed with the systematic murder of six million Jews and other “undesirable elements” of society, like Christians, Catholics, gypsies, etc.

Well, babe, I’m sorry you feel persecuted and all, but truth be told, this story involved Christians and specifically Catholics persecuting Jews. So adding them into this book with your little black pen is a bit of an abomination. I’m sure that somewhere in Germany in 1941, a Christian jaywalker got thrown into the camps and was starved, tortured and incinerated, but that’s not the fucking point, is it, you sanctimonious bitch. Yes, non-Jews might have been murdered but the Holocaust is a largely Jewish thing. It was systemic and evil, and should not be diluted by your literary graffiti.

But just in case you think I was being too hard on poor, white, Christian Karen, let’s add the final thing. She also drew a line though the “six” of “six million”. It seems she was going to contest the count or something (as if the number changes what happened to Anne Frank and 5,999,999 (or so) Jewish victims. But she thought better of it, scratched out what she was going to write between the lines, and made her point clear. An arrow points to the crossed out “six”, and in the white space below, this privileged suburban twat notes:

Because they were still hated for their abusive actions against non-jews

Let me say something – violence is never the answer, but self-pitying, book-burning, abortion-banning, Jew-hating, insurrection-cheering fuckers like this Karen deserve to experience real persecution. If anything, this book (as well as Night and Diary of Anne Frank ) exist to remind us how preachy fuckwits like Karen and her frothing MAGA shitweasels take power and use it to punish, abuse, and strip the rights off of everyone who is not in their little reich. I mean, it’s right in the name: Make America Great Again, as if great means rallies, the mockery of the handicapped, the subjugation of women, the murder of non-white citizens, waterboarding, the forming of armed militias and the attempted seizure and perversion of the republic. And that’s why, if I ever met Karen face to face, my first response would be a right hook.

I really hate fuckers like Our Miss Karen. And her little black pen and cursive ink.

Burn in hell, Karen.