The Decision Book (Review)

The Decision Book (Review)

kay, so I’m facing a very tough decision. Do I retire or not? At first I was. Then I didn’t. Then they offered a buyout. Then they jacked us with it, only giving it to directors, forever-employees and dingdongs. So now I need to know: do I stay or do I go?

Given that she has to live with my endless prevarications, my wife did the only thing she could – she bought me a copy of The Decision Book.

This book dosn’t tell you an answer – it’s not a Magic 8-ball. It simply provides you with one page descriptions of the many techniques people use to decide best outcomes, courses of actions, weighing systems. If you have a tough decision to make, this book will show you ways to figure things out.

One of the ones I really liked – if you have two choices and can’t pick, toss a coin. While it’s in the air, think about what you’d rather see, a head or a tail. This is just a wonderful way of getting in touch with your inner thought process, of catching your own brain by surprise.

Me, I went with the Rubber Band Model. You imagine being pulled two ways and write down “what is pulling me? And what is holding me?” Spend some time, days even, filling out two columns. Look to see what you have. Make a decision.

The thing here is, you arn’t framing it as, say, “Pros and cons” which imply a good/bad trade off. You are listing the goods from both aspects. So, yes, maybe you’ll stay. That isn’t necessarily a con.

This one is going on the shelf. It seems very useful, something anyone, any household, and any workplace could use.


And what did I decide? Watch this blog…