The End of All Things (Review)

The End of All Things (Review)

ell, Scalzi wrapped up the Old Man’s War series with a satisfying conclusion. What more can I say?

We went into this with the the alien confederation, the Conclave, and the humans represented by the Colonial Union (the Earth, pissed off at being a sole supplier of soldiers and colonists, forms a weak yet dangerous third party to this anger-triangle). The universe is now soaked in gasoline  and the mysterious group, the Equilibrium, is trying to light it on fire and bring everyone down. Sorta sounds like the world today.

So we start on a disturbing note – we know that the Equilibrium has been employing a disturbing tactic, that being hardwiring captured brains into captured ships and making them carry out inflammatory raids. Well, in this case, we get a POV from a human this happens to. Very grim.

So the tale continues to a conclusion, with the human’s trouble-team (Harry Wilson and his gang) being called again and again to put out fires and keep everything together. So, yes, I rather liked it and I don’t feel cheated, so the end is good enough for me.

If you want in on the fun, check out Old Man’s War and see if you don’t get sucked in. These six books by author John Scalzi were worth time and coin. Enjoy!