The End of the Blogatorium (DOG EAR)

The End of the Blogatorium (DOG EAR)

ough Sunday night. Went to the clubhouse to help unload modules (even though I’m still in the mask-for-safety aspect of post-covid). Came home. Wrote a blog detailing the show. And then, while it was still in draft status, I poked around. My updates were showing some issues and it told me I needed to upgrade my PHP. I clicked the UPDATE  button.

It should have been marked APOCALYPSE.

It said it would take a minute. Twenty minutes later, the site was still in maintenance mode. I closed that browser and opened another. I was told my site suffered a critical failure.

I thought about this long and hard. Pretty much everything I post, I copy over to FaceBook. I don’t have a mailing list to show updates. Looking at my dead site, I started thinking “Why not just let the site expire? I could write everything in Word and C&P directly to FB.”

I realized this site is, to me, a rather expensive scrapbook. I keep reviews on books (thousands of them) and thoughts on publishing (thousands of them). I keep trip reports. I write blogs about model railroading. I kinda liked having those. People enjoy them.

I would have dropped the site if not for two friends who reinforced the scrapbook idea. This site is part of me. So while I was exploring Facebook Pages, I considered what they’d said.

This morning I went onto GoDaddy and searched around for support. Got a chatbox that asked me to fetch information, and then it connected me to a human (an Indian guy who was very knowledgeable in WordPress). He checked things and told me, a few minutes later, that my core files were corrupted. Eight minutes later, he had WordPress and the new PHP loaded. And the Blogatorium was back in business.

I have to  admit, I’m relieved. I do like the site and it’s fun to have, my little corner of the internet. But I’m thankful for GoDaddy’s support. On their pages, they had a section on how to shut down your site and get a refund. I’ll admit I bookmarked it.

But for now, the Blogatorium is up and running.

Until the next crisis.