The game is afoot! (DOG EAR)

The game is afoot! (DOG EAR)

ames are media and so they get an occasional spot on my media-blog. And here it is!

The thing about games is how diverse the field is now. Using Steam, you can choose from thousands of games of any genre you prefer. It’s all there.

My first game (and the reason I signed up on Steam) is Spelunky. Originally a freebee eight-bit game, in Spelunky, you play the role of a spelunker who is trying to get to the bottom of a maze of tunnels. The remake (the first, not “2”) really was my prefect go-to comfort game – there is just enough arcade action that I can enjoy it – it’s not a “twitch” game. So you hop and run and fall your way ever deeper, battling all sorts of creatures with an eye to your various supplies. The way that all the items can be used it truly ingenious. And if you get all the way to the bottom, you fight a huge hopping gold “head” that is trying to grind you into mush. Clear out enough floor and he’ll fall through into the lava, you get a big reward and can ride off on a camel, some cavemen serving as your baggage train. I’ve gotten through the basic path about 200 times now.

Anyway, I’ve recommended this game to everyone I know. Some people buy it. Some of them play it. Nobody sticks with it.

Meanwhile, my friend Jesse plays Infected Planet, a game where your marine squad fight many, many (and even more many) bugs. It’s about trying different tactics with different weapons to blow up all the hives on the board and win. To me, yes, I like the game an occasionally play it but it’s a bit hectic for me. But Jesse, he loves it. Every so often, while I’m trying to use a whip to kill a giant spider, I see that Jesse has engaged in another run against the hives. Good luck to him.

I’ve got other friends who are always playing different games each week.

And other friends who play the same game week after week.

People loved Into the Drift (a mech-against-bugs game) but I was “Meh”. But Shogun Showdown (the same sort of game, turn-based and fixed on making perfect and efficient moves) I love.

I guess the point of all this is that everyone is different and everyone has their favorite game, just as they have their favorite books and favorite shows. I don’t know how to hit that perfect match that makes a good game, a good book or good show – it’s a combination that is elusive – you won’t know if you have it until you release to the public.

Interesting – everyone knows what makes a great media effort, but few can pull it off. I guess that’s what makes and artist.