The Gates of Heaven (Review)

The Gates of Heaven (Review)

n interesting book off the local used shelf, a scifi from 1980 (Jeeze, forty-three years ago).

So the L5 colony is trying to break away from Earth domination and they figure if they can capture an asteroid and mine it themselves, they can be independent.  Using a combination of clever misdirection and sling-shotting, they manage to get their rock and head home, but in the final turn around Jupiter, they go slinging into space, flying right into an uncharted black hole and that’s that.

Or so we think.

A number of years later, an astronomical listening post happens to be looking for alien communications yet, when they have a listen to nearby Tau Ceti, they are shocked to hear the broadcast of a woman weeping.

And that’s when they realize that the nearby black hole is actually a worm hole. And this might be a good way to actually establish a colony on another planet.

An expedition is mounted and a paradise is discovered. But, as always, the survivors of the initial expedition are in no way grateful (or compliant) with these “invaders”.

A good book from author Paul Preuss (who, when it comes to imagining the future, might be surprised to see his book being read and reviewed (in a form he could hardly have imagined (hey, kids, I lived in that time and this would have been strange)). But yes, another one picked up from Joybird Books, and going back to its shelf (I use them as my offsite book storage bin). If you stumble across it, you might want to give it a squint.