The Hand of Oberon (Review)

The Hand of Oberon (Review)

don’t think I’m a very good reviewer at times. Like now, when I have to check the wiki page for The Hand of Oberon, the fourth book of the Amber series. I read about a part where (near the end) the evil guy uses his jewel to freeze a second-class good guy, but the guy’s hand (artificial) reaches up and strangles the crap out of the villain. And even through the baddy teleports out of danger, the heroes decide that somehow, someone set things up so that the bad guy would get close to this good guy (and with a false sense of gloating confidence) to get choked. A little later, we find out that the father of all the princes, Oberon, was behind all this.

Okay, so I thought that the whole “Hand of” thing referred to the manipulations of events. But you might say it actually points to the actual mechanical hand. I figured this out while setting up this page.

Still, to my credit, I noticed when author Roger Zelazny put himself into the story (and gently, and whimsically, not like the more bluntly clumsy Clive Cussler).

But aren’t I suppose to be doing a review here?

So yes, The Hand of Oberon is the fourth of the series, and a pretty good one.  Hero Corwin finds his depth, realizing that he doesn’t want the throne after all, just for Amber to survive. And things are looking bad since someone has found how to damage the eternal pattern and throw reality into danger. In the end, we realize that Random’s son might have been slaughtered by a neat trick with a trump card and a dagger in the middle of the pattern, and the blood of the princes can stain it.

And I’ll say this – in the end, there is a mother big shocking surprise, worth all the other weird hellriding stuff.

Over all, it was a very enjoyable section of the series, making it more important for you, Dear Reader, to look into the Nine Princes in Amber series. Check it out!