The Human Division (Review)

The Human Division (Review)

‘ll admit that I was sorta meh about the first book of the second series of John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War series. After all, Zoe’s Tale told things from a slightly different perspective, true, but it really didn’t add that much to the storyline. in this, I went off and read other things so that I’d get back into that Scalzi-mood. So when I picked up Book Two, The Human Division, I wasn’t sure what I’d get.

First off, the title is cute. I thought it would be about some sort of military formation of humans, right? Well, it wasn’t, and that whole title becomes the critical path for the second set. And second, we introduce a hapless B-team of diplomats and their assistants, along with a frightening new development in this world, a terrible crime that is being conducted in conjunction with stolen ships – human and alien – reappearing to launch attack and perform atrocities amongst the various space empires. And the pay-off (since it is nothing more than that) to how this is happening is well worth the price of admission (that being Zoe’s Tale).

Really, simply, and without giving the game away, I really liked this book. The characters are interesting, the plot twisty, and every page has one of those patented Scalzi chuckles. So if you are looking for a series to get into, go find the opener – Old Man’s War – and see if modern sci-fi isn’t for you.

Loved it.