The Last Days of Magic (Review)

The Last Days of Magic (Review)

o imagine that all you stuff you wish, think, or dream was true – fairies, elves, giants and, of course, magic – really was. And that you (as a modern twenty-first century human) know it is only myth because books tell you the real history of the world. But maybe that is only a false narrative.

What if there really had been magic, all the way through until the late fourteen hundreds, that various civilizations slowly spread, conquering the magic on their frontiers. The Vatican, of course, with its own league of magic-using exorcists, continues to fight actual witches, not because it is unholy but because they want a monopoly on that power.

And so while the world is slowly becoming normal, Ireland, a place long imbedded with magic and isolated by its position off Europe, is one of the last places of magic. And now England wishes (with Vatican backing and Vatican gold) to invade…

This story was a tricky one – lots of characters and concepts that all go together in weird ways. And it’s not conventional – not to spoil but heroes fail and villains surprise, to delightful consequences. And while I would have liked a touch more description about what I was seeing (exactly how tall were the giants? And how exotically beautiful were the women?) it still was capital storytelling with twists and surprises and tears and laughter. And, frankly, I loved the “Shortest reign in history” line.

So yes, if you like fantasy novels and especially novels of the Ireland that might have been (and should have been), this is the book for you. A perfect little novel to cozy up with around Halloween, when the ghosts moan and witches soar! Check it out!