The Longest Day (Review)

The Longest Day (Review)

his book got me through a very confusing and disturbing day at the hospital. And for that I’m grateful; both the for companionship and that it was really quite good.

It’s book 10 of the Ark Royal series and for this one, we leave the idea of the three-book set (which author Christopher Nuttall did for Ark Royal, Warspite and Vanguard) and focus on the Battle of Earth (which resulted in multiple KEW hits on Earth and the flooding of much of our low-lying coastal cities). England was particularly hard hit and one of the Ark Royal characters had a cheating wife who vanished in the chaos. So all this happened while Ark Royal was out on a distant raid. We know the bare bones of Earth hanging on by the skin of its teeth, but this fills in the gaps.

There is the Russian woman commander, who helms the destroyer that spots and shadows the alien raiding fleet. And several characters in command. And a woman starfighter pilot. And Molly (the wife who vanished). And the English Prime Minister. All these characters go through their little lives as the Aliens punch closer to Earth. It was fun to find out what really happened in this battle and where everyone ended up.

My only gripe was that Molly died possibly a bit to heroically. It’s the author’s choice, but for her to suddenly be desperate to get back to the children she’d largely neglected and abandoned was a little much – I’d preferred her to stay a selfish slut to the very end. But it’s a minor point – the book really was one of the best in the series, covering the conflict from all levels and aspects.

I’d like to recommend it but for you to get a full impact from this book, you’d probably have to read Ark Royal one to three, which would bring you up to the correct timeline. Otherwise you are skipping dinner to just eat your desert. But that’s just my recommendation. Anyway, yes, a great book!