The Perfect Gift (DOG EAR)

The Perfect Gift (DOG EAR)

Okay, so this would have been a handy thing to post up a few weeks earlier, but I was in the midst of the Overlord series (and I didn’t think about it until now) so there.

But Christmas gifts. Everyone worries about Christmas gifts. Why?

If you follow this blog (and there are about 100 out there who do), you are a reader and perhaps a writer. You are someone who likely knows books and are interested in them.

This being the case, you should have the makings of a wonderful gift for that loved one you are shopping for.

Think about it this way – there is some sort of shared relationship (that goes beyond marriage and family) that binds you to them. You aren’t coming into this stone-zero cold. You have some subset of interests you share with your giftee. There has to be something they are interested in that you, as a reader, can turn into a great book gift.

It’s not a ball-breaker. Just clear your head and think about what you know about them and what you know about stories you have read. There must be some book that you can buy and wrap and place in their hands, a gift that says “I was thinking about you.” There must be a book that means something to you, that speaks to you and might speak to them.

Example: A woman at work (she is Christian, and I am lazily agnostic) gave me 40 Days with Jesus (Celebrating his Presence). It’s a collection of short devotionals one can read and reflect on. Would I have bought it for myself? No. But am I touched with the gift and her meaning? Yes. It’s better than, say, a scarf.

Another example: My niece (who is just into her twenties and starting her professional life) is a pretty good reader and finally moving out of the Harry Potter shadow. In that subset I spoke of, in an area of common interests, I went with Pirates. So her present is a small wicker basket (padded with fake straw) containing three of my favorite pirate novels (which are Treasure Island, The Pirates (By George McDonald Fraser), and Captain Blood). Nestled amongst them is a big bottle of Captain Morgan rum. Hey, nothing says a gift from the heart can’t be practical, right?

So that’s it. Next year, think of giving the gift that is you, a shared idea of story and passion and self. Who knows – perhaps you’ll find someone who loves this book as much as you do.

And books and nice and square – easy to wrap!