The quest conitnues…

The quest conitnues…

Been digging about on Elance for the last few weeks, searching for a cover artist for Early ReTyrement. Originally picked out a perfect set of guys in India but they never responded. Another group turned me down flat. So I fired a reworked version of the request into the general pool and now I’ve got ten responses.

Most of those I know I won’t go with, but there are two that are pretty good. I’ve queried both artists further, making sure they are quoting for what I want. Many of them have wildly differing styles, so I want to make sure I get what I want, not little stick figures.

Not happy with that, I’ve been slogging through the general entries, scanning for any artists who struck my fancy. A couple gave me pause, a few I’ve forwarded my proposal to. One or two I really wanted haven’t replied yet.

I’m so tired of looking at art. I’m looking for high-energy linear art, sorta like Penny Arcade. What I get are corporate icons or children’s books.

Once I get pick the artist and get a working sketch, I’ll post it up.

I close my eyes and I see the Elance logo. Shudder.