The Sky Lords (Review)

The Sky Lords (Review)

nother one out of my molding book files, dating back to 1988, so good luck finding it. The Sky Lords deals with a world a couple of hundred years following the ‘Gene Wars’. Much of the world is covered in fungus growth or crazy designer monsters that have gotten out of control. Humanity is pretty much down to two classes – the people rooting out a living in walled cities and the Sky Lords, the privileged riding about in their high tech airships – the later praying on the former. And our story starts just as a matriarchal Minervan town gets ready for the yearly tribute with illegal rockets and a will to fight.

Which fails miserably and sees them bombed and pretty much obliviated. Well, all but for Jan (and a couple of eunuchs). Taken aboard the Sky Lord as a slave, it’s a story about her working toward destroying the airship she loathes. But there are complications, as always.

The story picks up a unique second character, Milo, a fellow slave with a past. With him as an ally (even though he makes her skin crawl, and it’s not only because he’s a man). From there, the story wraps and folds and goes all over the place, great fun full of crazy airship battles, weird creatures and a world so different from the one we know.

I was particularly interested in how Author John Brosnan moved his story along. There were characters I assumed were unkillable (turns out, no, they died surprisingly easily). And the story continues until a climax that is satisfying except for the minor niggling issue that the main character really doesn’t do much to bring it about. Oh, she’s there, but all the ideals and efforts come from others. Still, it’s enjoyable and leaves us with an idea of the world she might be able to bring about.

So there’s hope.

Good read. Mine will probably end up in a used bookstore in Orlando, so look for it there.